Meet Kathryn

Marketing | Social Media Consultant

Kathryn Prescott has nine years marketing experience working for both large Fortune 500 companies and a handful of start-ups. For the past two years she has run M Social Media Marketing, helping clients develop their brand, engage audiences through social media, email marketing and traditional marketing tactics. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Kathryn has lived and worked in New York City, Dallas and San Francisco.

Before becoming a marketing consultant, Kathryn led the marketing for a start-up real estate company based in Dallas, Texas. Prior to this, Kathryn spent 3 years as lead marketer helping launch commercial real estate lending platform with former GE Executives for the Royal Bank of Canada in the US. Prior to this, she worked in marketing and communications at GE Capital.

Kathryn is passionate about marketing strategy, social media, and delivering high quality, creative solutions, and results-oriented programs for her clients. She loves helping businesses build social media strategies and learn how to get the most out of social media resources.

No project, no company, no brand is alike. Each client receives individualized planning based on their unique marketing needs.

Marketing Consulting Services

  • Marketing Planning
  • Tactical Marketing Services
  • Brand Positioning and Messaging
  • Brand Management and Engagement
  • Marketing Media Mix Consulting
  • Marketing Programs & Promotions
  • Public Relations
  • Online Advertising (Google Ads)

Social Media Services

  • Developing Social Media Business (and/or) Brand Strategy
  • Social Profile Integration & Development
  • Brand Management and Engagement
  • Social Media Impact Reporting
  • Social Media Platform Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
  • Online Advertising (Google Ads)
  • Social Media Training (Training professionals to manage and optimize their social media networking)